Daughter Wants To Pet Dog – Mom Calls Security After Hearing No

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This story brings entitlement to a whole new level. Parents really need to teach their kids that there are some things that they cannot have.

The mom in this story clearly gives her daughter whatever she wants.

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And the mom’s parents probably always gave their daughter whatever she wanted.

But one day, this mom and daughter were told “no” in a polite manner and proceeded to waste everyone’s time.

It all began when the mom and daughter went to a shopping mall in Pittsburgh. As usual, the mother was letting her daughter run around the mall and scream loudly.

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But then the daughter spotted something that made her stop in her tracks. It was Megan Stoff and Nala, her golden retriever service dog.

Megan Stoff is a handler of service dogs, and Nala is a medical response service dog.

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The mom and daughter came up to Megan and asked her if they could pet her dog. Megan said no.

The mom and daughter walked away, disappointed. Megan thought that that was the last that she would see of them, but she was wrong.

A little later, Megan came out of one of the mall’s stores and saw the mom and daughter. They both looked pissed off.

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The mom then explained that she felt that Megan was being rude in saying no to the daughter’s request. The mom also said that Nala should have a sign that says “no petting” or something. Megan pointed out that the dog’s clothing had four different signs that said exactly that!

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Eventually, Megan said to the mom “I don’t owe you anything. Bye!”

Megan was hoping that that would be the end of their encounter. But then the mom approached a security guard.

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Just imagine the security guard’s face as the mom explained that her daughter wanted to pet a service dog, but the owner said no and the dog only had four signs that said no petting on it.

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Of course, security guards need to maintain a strong level of professionalism. But it’s just impossible to take that kind of complaint seriously. Was the guard going to handcuff the service dog or something?

Luckily, most people are more considerate than the mother in this video. People may ask to pet the service dog, but when they hear no, they do not go on a rampage.

But is it so wrong to pet a service dog?

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Yes. It’s important to remember that service dogs are more than just pets. They have an important job to do. Very often, they need to keep track of people to make sure that they are healthy and safe. Petting a service dog distracts them from this important work and could put people’s lives in danger.

Some people that love dogs might feel bad about ignoring what they consider to be a cute creature, but that’s beside the point.

Service dogs almost definitely get plenty of love and affection when they are not on duty.

Source: Wikipedia

Of course, many people, like the mom and daughter in this story, will not listen to this important advice and insist that they have a right to pet a service animal anyway.

Hopefully, someone taught the mom the error of her ways, and she can do a better job of raising her daughter in the future!

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