35 Dogs Were Allowed to Choose Their Own Christmas Gifts At Animal Shelter, And Here’s What Happened

Tis’ the season to be jolly and express our love and gratitude through giving. We have special gifts tucked under the Christmas tree, or in a Santa sock by the fireplace, for our friends, relatives, and anyone we feel privileged to have shared the year with. But as we experience love, peace, and joy through giving, we should not forget those silent family members who have made our lives happy and fulfilling too. Our furry friends.

A different kind of Christmas

One animal shelter decided to make Christmas special for canines in their care. The shelter staff and donors came together to provide colorful toys for animals in their care. Rather than choose the toys for their furry friends, they let each dog come in and pick a toy of their choice. And the reactions they got from the dogs was priceless 

This pooch is definitely not letting go of his new-found toy soon 

It is not the first time this shelter is doing secret Santa paws for their rescued dogs. The spirit started back in 2017 when the shelter staff bought a toy for each of the dogs. But in 2018, they decided to do things differently.

They brought in donated toys and lined them in a room. The dogs were let in one by one to inspect and choose a toy of their liking. One cannot forget the excited looks on the canine’s faces. 

The dogs dashed around sniffing a toy after another in total elation. At some point, a group of puppies walked in and were totally spoilt for choice.  They dashed around, sniffed at everything and everyone before making up their minds. 


The Shelter decided to halt adoption in 2018. This gave the dogs enough time to make friends with the rest of the canines and the shelter staff. They are now one big family that enjoys the spirit of giving each Christmas.

You can clearly see each of the dog’s personalities come out when choosing a gift. But one thing that is constant in all dogs is the joy of being blessed with a new toy.

This Dog knew what he wanted right away!

And this furry fellow is spoilt for choice. Should I go for purple or green? 

Some dogs had a strategy worked out for them. They went for the squeakiest toy in the pile. Seeing those tails wag and furry faces lit up with excitement was the perfect Christmas gift for the shelter’s staff. 

This tiny fellow walked in, picked a gift, and dashed out. Record time!

Shelter animals are often forgotten or subjected to the worst of living conditions. Adoption is hard for such dogs because they do not have the most presentable of personalities. This shelter understands this so well which is why they took the time to bring out the best personality in each dog.

Just by watching the video put out by the shelter, you can tell that each of these dogs will make the best pets once rehomed. Which includes this bashful pit bull so pleased with his new found toy. 

While this fellow chose to dance around first before picking a gift

What this Shelter did for their rescued animals has inspired the world. Several other shelters launched their own Secret Santa Paws celebration and gifted their animals with donated toys. It is profound to discover that gifting is a universal language understood by animals as well. 

What’s for 2020?

This shelter hopes to have rehomed all dogs by next year. For the first time, these furry animals will have the chance to grow with a family of their own. 

Enough talking, watch this video to the end. It will melt even the hardest of hearts!

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