Dog Reunites With Cow That Raised Him When He Was Abandoned As A Pup

Rookie the dog was bereft when his owner sold their pet cow. The cow had acted as a foster mother to Rookie when he was abandoned as a pup.

After tracking down the cow down again on a farm close by, Rookie refused to eat or socialize properly without her. Rookie’s owners had no choice but to take the cow back again so the two animals could be together once more. 

Rookie enjoyed the nuzzling he would receive daily from the cow as a pup and had been seen sitting or sleeping on the cow’s back. The cow and the dog spent time together daily as reported here by Paws Planet

Rookie suffered a great deal of grief once he understood his best friend was no longer around for him. The dog howled and barked repeatedly while returning again and again to the enclosure that was once home to the cow. The despair was clear in Rookie’s eyes.

One day Rookie heard the cow moo from somewhere down the street. The dog took off running despite the protests that came from his owner. Rookie ignored the calls from his owner to stop. His only concern was the sound of the cow’s voice. Rookie followed the sound of the mooing until he found the cow tied in a stall.

He jumped and licked the cow’s face. The dog was truly happy until retrieved by his owner and taken home.

Once returned home, Rookie’s depression resumed immediately. Rookie stopped eating and caused a worry from his owner. Rookie wandered around the enclosure that used to house his friend day after day until he was surprised one day by a familiar mooing sound. His surrogate mother and best friend returned home.

Their owner could no longer stand watching the dog suffer from depression and sacrificed to retrieve the cow. 

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