‘Lost’ Rescue Dog Found in the Most Unusual of Places

If you are a pet parent, one of your worst scares is coming home and finding your beloved fur baby missing. You dash around calling their name out loud and hoping they are okay. You almost organize a neighborhood search party when boom! There is your furry animal in the most unlikely of places.


Source: Kristin Leigh/Facebook
This happened to a woman who adopted a rescue dog 10 years ago. The canine was already part of the family and she had grown used to his mischief. So when she came home to find her dog missing, she immediately thought he had run away.

She checked every room in her house except her daughter’s room where she was sleeping. She combed the backyard and confirmed she had not left any door open or forgot to bring her dog in from outside. Just when she was about to give up, she decided to check the daughter’s room.
She walks in to see the most adorable scene ever. Her daughter and beloved fur baby both tucked in bed snoozing. She dashed to get her phone and record this precious moment.

Source: New york daily news
The bigger picture

This lady could not explain the amount of joy she felt just by watching this scene of daughter and pet in deep slumber. She immediately felt a wave of gratitude for making the choice to adopt a rescue dog rather than buy a pet.

Did you know…

About 2.7 million of rescue animals are put down because they could not be rehomed?
Sadly, adoptable cats and dogs get euthanized because they cannot find a loving home. As this lady found out, rescue animals also have a lot of love to give. In the 10 years, she has stayed with her dog, she has grown to appreciate his mischief and affection.


And this one scene where the dog snoozed with her baby won her heart for good. The two looked really adorable and she appreciates that no one can mess with her baby when their furry friend is next to her.
She posted this video on facebook which garnered millions of views from fellow pet lovers and the world in general. Everyone had kind words to say to her like;

“That dog looks so cute tucked in with your baby. You can be sure that your daughter is safe and no one will mess with her.”
“Whoever said money can’t buy happiness definitely knows nothing about adoption fee”.
And that is true. We pay so much from pet shops and breeders to get the same love a rescue dog can offer. At a cheaper price even!
This woman’s story paints a clear picture that rescue animals deserve humane treatment too. Just by adopting this one dog, she ensures that another rescue animal has space in the shelter. And we could all follow the example.

Click the video below and watch the rescue dog and toddler tucked in perfect slumber!

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