Man Rescued Dying Stray Husky and Transformed Her Into the “Most Gorgeous Dog”

Bali, one of the most mesmerizing places on Earth, has a lot of stray dogs wandering the streets. Authorities have difficulties putting the issue with these animals under control so seeing them around is not an unusual sight.

But Bali people believe that saving dogs in need of urgent help will help pave their path to Heaven. This is like that because one figure in their religion, Yudhishthira, was a king who had approached Heaven along with his dog.

Rico Soegiarto is a kind-hearted man who gave a malnourished dog who was on the brink of death a new lease on life. His story is now going viral and people are in complete disbelief because of the incredible transformation the rescue dog has gone through.

When Rico, 26, first spotted the dog he named Hope, the animal’s health was in a very bad shape. She had bold spots all over her body and she resembled a walking skeleton. She only had a few days to live, but Rico decided to do his best to change that sad reality.

What caught Rico’s attention was the dog’s blue eyes. Despite her condition, they never stopped shining bright, as though they knew someone special will come across her path.

“I don’t know what was special about her,” Rico said talking to Bored Panda. “Its about heart and feeling. I found her when I was on the way back home from work, she was in the middle of the street.”

Hope got all the love and affection possible from Rico, and along with proper medication, her transformation started happening.

“She loves getting petted and eats plenty of cookies!” Rico said. “And she is so sociable that she worries me sometimes. There are many thieves in Bali.”

Take a look at Hope’s path to complete recovery in the photos below. This is so amazing to witness.

This is Hope during the first days of her life under Rico’s care.

Her bones were visible through her infected skin.

Everyone was convinced she wouldn’t live longer than a couple of days.

But her bright blue eyes never stopped shining.

Rico was convinced his love would help Hope recover.

She started eating healthy.

And she knew she was safe around her rescuer’s side.

She received medical help.

Rico was more than happy to share the photos of his new dog with the rest of the world.

Hope is now strong, happy, and healthy.

Hope loves Rico to the moon and back.

She gets to hang out with the rest of the pets who are part of the family.

People couldn’t help but react to this incredible story.