Sneaky dog runs off to neighbor’s every day and gives mom attitude when she comes to get her Daisy May just wants to play, but her family is

While most of Brittany Young’s YouTube videos are of her vocal performances, her most popular by far is one of her dog, Daisy May. It was posted nearly 7 years ago, back in May of 2013, but it’s still getting comments and it has now been viewed over 1.4 million times.

It’s safe to say Daisy May has gone viral. And YouTube has gone to the dogs, quite literally.

You see, Daisy May has quite an attitude – and the adorable Boxer isn’t afraid to put up a fuss when she doesn’t get her way.

Young and her family must live pretty far out in the country because when their dog “runs away to the neighbor’s” they need a car to go pick her up. And it’s not an insignificant drive home!

Geez, Daisy May!

At least she’s getting some serious exercise in the process of running away.

Now, we’re not sure who the Boxer’s friend is, but all we see in the background when her mom goes to pick her up is a horse – and we imagine if she was besties with a pony, Young wouldn’t have left that part out.

As the runaway hops into the car at her mother’s command, she immediately starts snarfing and grunting her displeasure.

Some of her behaviors – especially the yawning – might be indications that she’s just finished having a lot of fun or is even a little anxious about getting into some trouble.

But even when she tries to bury her head, mom is very kind as she explains to her pup that that’s simply not her house.

What the family most wants to know is why she’s no longer staying home with her little brother, Mac. She used to always follow him home because they’re friends.

We hate to break it to you, mom – but Mac appears to be in the seat beside Daisy and it’s clear that this sister feels like she’s WAY too cool to play with him these days.

She sniffs at him and looks the other way.

Like, eww.

When mom goes through Daisy’s misdeeds, she throws her head back at the idea of being taken to task like a teenager rolling her eyes and saying “whatEVER people.”

She also looks down at the seat beside her, refusing to listen. If she could cross her paws like a surly child, she certainly would. She’s pouting, bigtime.

And who can blame her, we all just want to play with our friends!

If you’re even remotely worried about Daisy in the first few seconds of the video, her reactions once the family is back out on the road are truly priceless.

And if you have a pre-teen or teenage human, they’ll look very familiar.

In fact, it sounds like Daisy is giving the heavy sigh each time her mom points out her “responsibilities” to her little brother. And for his part, it sounds like poor Mac just wants to play with his dog and instead she makes a break for it every day after school. (But maybe Mac is busy playing with something else and Daisy doesn’t just want to sit in the corner and watch – who knows?)

What we do know is Daisy is a dog with personality and it’s pretty funny to watch it on full display.

At minute 1:40 she even shakes her head “no” and you can almost hear her saying it!

According to The Whole Dog Journal, Daisy’s whines do have meaning:

“A dog may whine when it wants something, needs or wants to go outside, feels frustrated by leash restraint, is separated from a valued companion (human or otherwise), or just wants attention.”

We think that pretty much sums it up!

Be sure to scroll down below to watch the adorable Daisy May give off some serious ‘tude when her family just doesn’t understand that girls just wanna have fun.

We have the feeling that wasn’t this pup’s last adventure.

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